The Ford Owners Car Club Of South Australia Incorporated
Catering to the needs of all Ford enthusiasts


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Code Of Practice - What You Need To Know

When: Sunday 18th June 2017


Where: 10:00am at Brunelli’s café, 111 Brebner Drive, West Lakes.




Coffee and Cars morning tea. This is the Third coffee and cars morning tea and will be held at 10:00am at Brunelli’s café, 111 Brebner Drive, West Lakes.


The café is located at the lower level on the Lake side of the West Lakes Mall complex. See map on the internet at cafebrunelli.com.au. The best way to park is to enter through the first boom gate into the Mall’s car park off Bredner Drive. The first three hours of parking time is free so should give us enough time for coffee and nibbles then have a look around at the shops. Note: there is no cruise to the café just plan to meet at the location at 10:00.

Coffee and Cars Morning Tea

The Ford Owners Car Club of South Australia Incorporated was formed in 1970 to cater for the needs of all Ford enthusiasts.


To join the Club, you must own a Ford produced or affiliated company vehicle.  The Ford Owners Car Club is a social and sporting club, affiliated with The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport.  Our members are of all ages, single and families with Fords of all shapes and sizes from around the world.

Conditional Registration More Flexible for Historic Vehicles

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Info supplied by Paul Howe

The State Government is removing red tape to allow more classic car lovers to enjoy their hobby out on the road.  Widespread changes to the conditional rego scheme are being considered to remove restrictions currently preventing thousands of car club members from accessing a limited 90 day registration scheme. Read the article

Historic Registration Important Notice

Published by:

Ron Tebby - Sept 2016

Financial members of the F.O.C.C. are reminded of the following requirements as per
The New Code of Practice, effective 1st July 2012, when presenting their logbook(s) for
resigning and/or the issuing of a new logbook(s). Please review PDF here

CHVRS Important Notice

Published by:

Ron Tebby - Sept 2016

This notice is to remind all FOCC Members, who are on the C.H.V.R.S that their vehicle(s) must be inspected by an Authorised Person of the club, at least once every three (3) years, otherwise their vehicle(s) will be deemed to be UNREGISTERED AND UNINSURED. Please review the PDF here