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June, 2015

This notice is to remind all FOCC members who are on the CHVRS and have not had their vehicle inspected by an Authorised person of the club since 1st July 2012, must do so by 1st July 2015, otherwise their vehicle will be deemed to be unregistered and uninsured.

April, 2015

The Club has had a good year event wise with a range of well attended events. I say well attended but it is in the sense that there is a core group of members who generally attend the events and there are a lot of members who do not attend events.

February, 2015

It would appear that the FOCC has not come out unscathed from the recent bush fire near Kersbrook. The FOCC as a whole would have to feel for Irene and Lee (and also to David Miller who lived nearby and is an ex FOCC member who also lost the lot) as they lost their house and its associated contents ... 

When: Sunday 30th August


Time:  9:15am departure.


Where: Meet at the Caltex Servo, Bolivar.





The group will leave at 9:15am to be at the Mallala Museum at 10:00am.


Some one will be appointed the leader at Bolivar and get you on the way to Mallala via Two Wells.  Gill and I will meet you at the Museum. We will depart the Museum at 11:30am and proceed to the Port Wakefield Pub for lunch via the Dublin Road and Dublin.


The cruise may get hacked up a bit at the turn right into Port Wakefield Road and I will do 80 kph max until I am sure that you are all in the queue and I will then run up to 100 kph for the rest of the cruise.


I will have a copy of the menu at the general meeting of the 11 th of August and I will need names and numbers at the next meeting or by Friday 21st August at the latest.


If some of you can not go on the day I really need the information of the no-shows by the Friday before the cruise the 28th of August.


If any of you wish to check out my paving skills and untidy shed you could drop in to Balaklava for 30 minutes on the way home.


For bookings, email Gordon Cowley: president@focc.com.au

The President's Run

A Warm Welcome from the FOCC Club President


The Ford Owners Car Club of South Australia Incorporated was formed in 1970 to cater for the needs of all Ford enthusiasts. To join the Club, you must own a Ford produced or affiliated company vehicle.


The Ford Owners Car Club is a social and sporting club, affiliated with The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport.  Our members are of all ages, single and families with Fords of all shapes and sizes from around the world.


Gordon Cowley, Club President

Ford Owners Car Club S.A.